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Group Classes

Currently on hiatus

Puppies must be fully immunised and we recommend puppies are at least 12 weeks to start in Level 1.

Our programs are designed for companion dogs and their people. Classes are outdoors - we keep the size small (5-7 dogs) to maximise one-on-one assistance and strive to provide a suitable environment for you and your dog to learn in successfully.

We want our clients to feel empowered to understand their dogs, develop a strong relationship, reach their training goals, and problem solve along the way. 

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Grange Recreation Reserve


Currently on hiatus

Level 1

7 lessons (approx 1 hour each lesson) 


  • How dogs learn and why they do what they do

  • Communicating with your dog

  • Setting up for success

  • Training with a marker

  • Getting focus and attention

  • Settling in different environments

  • Walking on a loose lead

  • Stay and wait

  • Recalls

  • Greeting manners with people and dogs

  • Basic obstacle and trick training

Level 2

6 lessons (approx 1 hour each lesson


  • Building on Level 1 foundations (impulse control, lead skills, recalls, focus)

  • Building value in engagement between dog and person

  • Increasing distraction levels

  • Settling on cue

  • Leave it

  • Long term success strategies - how to maintain your training and clear communication

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