Group Classes

Puppies and dogs must have up-to-date vaccination records. We recommend puppies are at least 16 weeks to start in Level 1.

Our programs are designed for companion dogs and their people. Classes are outdoors - we keep the size small (5-7 dogs) to maximise one-on-one assistance and strive to provide a suitable environment for you and your dog to learn in successfully.

We want our clients to feel empowered to understand their dogs, develop a strong relationship, reach their training goals, and problem solve along the way. 

To inquire about joining a class please complete a profile form and we will send you an email when a class is available to enrol in.

If you have any questions about the classes please contact us.

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Grange Reserve

Parking via Fort Street

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Happy Valley

Reserve Behind

Byards Community Centre

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Level 1

7 lessons (1 hour per week) 


  • How dogs learn and why they do what they do

  • Communicating with your dog

  • Setting up for success

  • What good socialisation looks like

  • Training with a marker

  • Getting focus and attention

  • Settling in different environments

  • Walking on a loose lead

  • Stay and wait

  • Recalls

  • Greeting manners with people and dogs

Level 2

6 lessons (1 hour per week)


  • Building on Level 1 foundations (impulse control, lead skills, recalls, focus)

  • Building value in engagement - how to make listening reinforcing

  • Increasing distraction levels

  • Settling on cue

  • Leave it

  • Long term success strategies - how to maintain your training and clear communication